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Why Do Men Lose Weight More Quickly Than Women?

Why Do Men Lose Weight More Quickly Than Women?

In my clinical practice, I see every day that women can have a much tougher time than men in losing weight.  Particularly, when I have patients who are married couples losing weight together, the camaraderie is sometimes overshadowed by the woman’s jealousy in how quickly her partner can lose weight compared to her!

Here are the main reasons why:

  1. Men have greater lean body mass including muscle mass, even when they are overweight or obese. As muscle is our ‘engine’ that burns calories for us, given that men’s muscle mass is on average greater than a woman’s, men have a naturally higher basal metabolic rate.  This means that even without any exercise, a man’s body will burn more calories daily, leading to a greater caloric deficit and weight loss.
  2. Women’s’ hormonal fluctuations can throw off numbers on the scale.Premenopausal women have monthly fluctuation in levels of estrogen and progesterone, leading to cycles of water retention and loss.  From mid-cycle to immediately before the monthly period, water retention is common, so women may not see numbers on the scale drop despite dieting.  This can be frustrating, which is why we rely on other data such as blood tests and waist measurements rather than just following numbers on a scale.  That way, we can reassure our female patients that even if the scale numbers didn’t budge for a week, they are still losing fat and optimizing their body composition.
  3. Other factors. As a generalization, in many of my patients’ households it is the woman who does the majority of the cooking, leading to nibbling/tasting while doing so and ingesting more calories.  In addition, I often find that when a couple goes on a weight loss journey together, women often feel guilty putting their body and health first – we tend to prioritize the needs of our family and our work and do not take our health needs as seriously. 

Therefore, it’s especially important for women who are working on lifestyle change to also make sure they change their mind set as a first step.  We must believe that it is critical to commit to our bodies, health, and lives as the very first priority to achieve our goals.

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3 Key Steps to FAT LOSS!

3 Key Steps to FAT LOSS!

Losing weight and keeping the weight off is definitely a marathon, not a sprint! The more we practice key habits around food, lifestyle and exercise over a consistent period of time the more these adjustments adjust us…our weight and well being while getting us off of yoyo dieting for good. When it comes to weight loss, it’s not weight loss we want, it’s fat loss! Right?!

Here are my 3 key steps to losing not just weight but body fat!

Make it the early bird special!

1. Don’t eat past 7 or 8 pm! Yes, the old adage is true!! The science keeps pouring in on this one, as recently as this year, another study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that people who eat dinner later at night or who are perpetual late night snackers have more body fat.

Take away: aim to consume the majority of your calories in the first half of the day when you are burning the most calories.

“No Thank you I’m full.”

2. Fiber gives us a feeling of fullness longer while regulating our macro nutrient intake within a meal, especially fats and carbohydrates, better controlling and lowering insulin for reduced midsection visceral fat. At the same time fiber also drives up the appetite suppressant hormone GLP-1 that our own body produces! Giving us a real physiological sense of fullness and satiety.
Take away: Eat a variety of fiber sources daily and aim for 25 to 35 grams of fiber daily for maximum weight loss. To learn even more about fiber and weight loss and best fiber rich foods go here:

“Does this muscle make me look fat?” ….said no one, ever.

3. Muscle strengthening exercises keeps our metabolism elevated longer than cardio and enables us to burn fat more efficiently. More research shows us that especially as we get older, muscle strengthening exercises like weight training, Pilates, power yoga or any other muscle engaging exercise enable us to lose fat even more efficiently than traditional cardio exercises like walking and jogging.

Take away: It is not one or the other when it comes to cardio or strength training, we need both, but often we think we can meet and maintain our weight loss goals on cardio alone, make sure you include both for maximum fat loss!