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About the Bar:

The Lovidia Hunger Control Bars are made with our scientific hunger control blend of ingredients that keep you full and help crush cravings.  These small but mighty bars are 100% natural and clinically proven to help you lose weight.*

How to Use the Bar:

Eat the bar with a full glass of water (at least 8 oz.).  Use the Hunger Control Bar when your hunger level is at its most challenging or in place of a meal.


The ingredients in the Lovidia Hunger Control Mixed Nut Bar are cashews, almonds, almond butter, peanut butter, maple syrup, dates, soy bean oil, sugar, pumpkin seeds, oat bran and a proprietary blend of stevia leaf extract, L-glutamine, L-leucine, lysine hydrochloride and pomegranate fruit extract.

The Lovidia Hunger Control Bar is scientifically designed to help reduce hunger and unnecessary snacking.*

These small but powerful bars are all natural, low in calories and fill you up like a meal.

✔ Delicious oats + nuts and mixed nuts
✔ All Natural
✔ Only 139 calories

The Lovidia Bar Helps Reduce Calories AND control your hunger!*

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How does it work?

Based on our Gut Sensory Modulation technology, the Lovidia Bar’s specially formulated ingredients activate the L-cells in your body to release satiety hormones GLP-1 and PYY, which signals your brain that you are full.

Clinically Proven

In a clinical study, participants on this calorie restriction plan lost an average of 4 pounds per week with the Lovidia Hunger Control Bar.  90% of the participants in the study said the Lovidia Hunger Control Bar was useful or very useful in following an intermittent calorie restriction lifestyle.*

What is intermittent calorie restriction (Eat-Less Days) and why does it work?

Eating less helps you lose weight.  Losing weight is simply a matter of taking in fewer calories than you use. Intermittent calorie restriction (Eat-Less Days) is one method you can use to create the necessary calorie deficit. Unlike a typical diet where you restrict calories all the time, each Eat-Less Day is followed by a day when you can eat normally, helping you feel less deprived and therefore less likely to give up on your weight loss plan.

Order Today! Only $2.95

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