2 Must-Have Features in the Best Weight Loss Programs for Men

You want to lose weight. That’s good. All change starts with desire.

But there’s a long road between knowing what you want and making it happen. We all have goals, but we what we really need is a plan for reaching them.

Following a weight loss program for men is like having a GPS navigation system for weight loss success.

The best weight loss programs for men are designed to show you the safest route to where you want to go, provide step-by-step directions to keep you on the right path, help you avoid roadblocks and dead ends, and even offer “roadside assistance” in cases of emergency.

Why a weight loss program for men?

To be clear, when we say “weight loss program for men,” we’re not talking about programs that only work for men.

But there are reasons why some weight loss programs for men are more effective than others. The biggest reason is biology.

Men’s bodies tend to have a higher ratio of muscle to fat than women’s bodies. Men are built differently and also lose weight differently.

As a result, some weight loss programs for men are more likely to be successful than others.

Specifically, because men are more muscular, they burn fat and calories more efficiently, which means their bodies tend to respond more quickly to changes in diet.

In general, when men and women undertake a similar calorie restriction relative to their weight, men drop weight faster.

You might think, then, that a weight loss program that focuses on fast results would be best for men.

The truth is, “rapid” or “quick” weight loss programs are often the worst choices for men.

That’s because they’re designed to help with the phase of weight loss men find easiest, the honeymoon stage.

See, nature’s dirty secret is that once men get into the weeds of weight loss ― after that first rush of pounds melts off ― men’s bodies adjust to the reduction in calories.

Once men get used to their new eating patterns, their basal metabolic rate resets, and they burn fat and calories less efficiently.

In other words, their metabolism slows down― an so does their weight loss.

That’s why the best weight loss program for men is one that:

1) is designed to prevent metabolic reset and

2) focuses on the long game.

Preventing basal metabolic rate from resetting

The human body is designed to adapt to change, including changes in diet and calorie consumption.

When we take in fewer calories, our bodies try to conserve energy by slowing down metabolism.

This is an evolutionary survival mechanism that dates back to a time ― not that long ago, actually ― when food was not as easy to come by.

Ever notice that guys in old movies from the 1930s, 40s and 50s look so skinny? That’s because supermarkets, packaged foods, refrigerators and large-scale farming are all relatively recent developments. People ate less frequently, and ate less in general, than we do today.

For most of human history, in fact, food was scarce, and our bodies are programmed to prevent us from starving by storing as much energy as possible in the form of fat.

So, when we restrict calories, our bodies have a primal reaction. They go into survival mode by resetting metabolism so we can maintain our weight even while eating fewer calories.

And that’s exactly the reason why most diets and weight loss programs fail for men. They work great at first, but then our bodies adjust to an eating pattern of fewer calories, and weight loss screeches to a halt. This is sometimes referred to as a weight loss plateau.

Fortunately, we’ve found a way to prevent metabolic reset: disrupt eating patterns and vary calorie consumption.

You may have heard bodybuilders talk about the need to shock or surprise their muscles into growing by changing up their workout routines with more reps, higher weights or different motions.

The same concept applies to losing weight. You need to keep your metabolism “guessing” by eating more on some days and less on others.

That’s what makes The LOVIDIA Way such an effective weight loss program for men. Several days a week, on Eat-Less Days, you eat only about 1/3 of your typical daily caloric intake. But you always eat normally for at least one day between Eat-Less Days.

Calorie variation keeps your metabolism burning hot, so you lose weight steadily without the typical plateaus.

Focusing on the long game

We’ve seen how calorie variation has a direct physiological impact on weight loss programs for men, but it also has equally important psychological benefits.

Enjoying at least one normal eating day between Eat-Less Days essentially eliminates many of the negative aspects of dieting, such as food cravings, self-deprivation, and monotony that can wear away motivation and cause men to give up before they reach their goals.

In short, knowing that you can eat normally tomorrow makes it easier to eat less today.

It also means men don’t have to completely give up favorite foods, eat foods they don’t like, spend hours grocery shopping for special foods, or learn a whole new way of cooking.

That’s why it’s easier for men to weave a weight loss program like The LOVIDIA Way into their lives, making it more likely they will be successful and keep weight off.

Of course, no two men are alike, and losing weight is a personal thing. We understand you’re a person first, and a man second, so a weight loss program that’s most effective for your best friend might be a total bust for you.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve tried losing weight before, you know it’s easy to get lost along the way. You probably have a good grasp of the basics, like eating healthier, eating less, and exercising more. But, as they say, easier said than done. A weight loss program for men may provide the structure and support you need to put all the pieces together and find success.

For more on the benefits of weight loss programs for men, visit The LOVIDIA Way webpage.

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