The Lovidia Way “Goodbye Hunger” Trial Pack

Tame Your Hunger

Lovidia products – clinically proven to reduce hunger

20 tablets (10-day supply)
2 Hunger Control Bars

Snack Smarter

Healthy snack options that satisfy your hunger and cravings

(8 Smart-Choice Snacks)

Lose Weight

Reach your weight loss goal without constantly fighting hunger*

Lovidia XR (trial Pack)

– Control hunger*
– Reduce cravings*
– Cut down on snacking*

Lovidia Hunger Control Bar

– Hunger Busting
– Delicious Mixed Nut Flavor
– Convenient Substitute for a Meal

“Goodbye Hunger” Bundle Snacks (trial Pack)

– Nutritionist selected
– High fiber, high protein
– Mix of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole grains.

Try the LOVIDIA Way “Goodbye Hunger” Trial Pack

“My dieting makes me “HANGRY”, but with the LOVIDIA Way “Goodbye Hunger Bundle” my hunger is gone and I can stick to my diet!”

Denise G.


“The Lovidia XR Tablet controls my hunger and the snacks keep my calorie count on track.  Thanks Lovidia!!”

June P.


“What a Value! The snacks are amazing AND healthy. I am going to keep the weight off and stay healthy”

Suzan C.


Why we created the “Goodbye Hunger” Bundle…

Lovidia XR is proven to reduce hunger; it doesn’t eliminate hunger…that wouldn’t be natural.

Combining the hunger-reducing power of Lovidia with the hunger-satisfying benefits of healthy, high protein, high-fiber snacks is a simple, effective way to lose weight and keep the weight from coming back.

Try Our “Goodbye Hunger” Trial Pack Today!


10-Day Supply of Lovidia XR (20 Tablets),
2 Lovidia Hunger Control Bars, and
8 Great-Tasting, Hunger-Satisfying Snacks

Shipping and handling included!

  OR…purchase the full bundle

 One Time Purchase


30-DAY SUPPLY of Lovidia XR,
5 Lovidia Hunger Control Bars, and
25 Hunger-Satisfying, Great-Tasting Snacks


Includes 30-day money-back guarantee.



30-DAY SUPPLY of Lovidia XR,
5 Lovidia Hunger Control Bars, and
25 Hunger-Satisfying, Great-Tasting Snacks


No long-term commitment. Cancel any time.

Lovidia products can help you:

  • Control hunger*
  • Reduce cravings*
  • Cut down on snacking*

Natural blend of ingredients designed to increase the release of satiety hormones in your gut.

  • $20 million in research
  • Caffeine and Stimulant FREE
  • Works with any diet or program

The Science behind
Lovidia Products:

Did you know that you have food sensors in your gut? These sensors tell your brain you’re full, time to stop eating.

Lovidia’s Gut Sensory Modulation (GSM) science is designed to deliver our proprietary blend of natural ingredients directly to those food sensors that stimulate the release of the satiety hormones GLP-1 and PYY…helping to reduce hunger and prevent overeating.*

US Patent Nos. 8,828,953; 9,486,463;
9,526,741; 9,901,551

Lovidia XR’s Key Ingredients

Based on Lovidia XR’s breakthrough science of Gut Sensory Modulation, these key natural ingredients amplify the satiety hormones in your gut to help reduce hunger, snacking and overeating.*







Amino Acids

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 11.30.19 AM

The ingredients in Lovidia XR are designated as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS).

All Natural   |   No Caffeine   |    Vegan   |   Non-Stimulatory  |   Non-GMO   |   Gluten Free   |   Dairy Free

Customer LOV

“I’ve lost 15 pounds, and I don’t miss eating any of the junk food. I have been using a nutritional supplement called Lovidia for three and a half months and with excellent results. It controls my appetite and especially my sweet tooth. I get full faster and no longer crave midnight snacks.”
Sylvia C.


“I love Lovidia. I have used it for a while now. I have tried several supplements over the years, however, I find Lovidia is the only supplement that really curbs my cravings and boosts my energy.”
Joyce H


Individual results may vary. Testimonials may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience.

100% Risk-FREE.

Your MONEY BACK If Not Satisfied For Any Reason. Contact Lovidia Customer Service.

Directions for Use

Take 1 tablet with breakfast and 1 tablet with lunch with plenty of water.

100% No Risk Offer

– Experience Lovidia XR!
– 30-day Money Back Guarantee

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.