6 Mindful Snacking Tips for Weight Loss

How often do you reach for a snack?

According to research from Mintel, 94% of Americans snack at some point during the day with half of adults snacking two to three times a day.

With so many of us snacking regularly, you have to wonder what impact snacking has on weight loss. While some argue that eating smaller meals throughout the day is the secret to losing weight, others contend that snacking is the reason American waistlines are growing.

Ultimately it’s not about whether or not you do snack, but HOW you snack that’s most important. Mindless snacking is guaranteed to add unnecessary calories to your diet without the nutritional benefits.

On the other hand, mindful snacking ensures that you’re carefully considering your snacks as a part of your overall nutritional intake. Here are five mindful snacking tips to promote weight loss:

1 | Choose snacks that are high in fiber or protein

Many popular snack foods are filled with empty calories, meaning they have little to no nutritional value. By swapping your usual snacks for nutritious options that contain fiber and/or protein, you’ll feel full faster and satisfied for a longer time.

Fiber helps regulate your nutrient intake so that your body processes fat and carbohydrates at the proper rate for lower insulin levels. It also boosts the appetite-suppressing hormone GLP-1 to naturally control hunger.

Getting enough protein in a low-calorie diet has been shown to maintain muscle mass with increased fat loss. Protein also stimulates production of GLP-1 and PYY, the “fullness” hormones released in your lower intestine.

A lot of snack foods are high in sugar and carbohydrates. They give you a quick jolt of energy, but the feeling doesn’t last. Soon your blood sugar drops and you’re craving more food to boost your energy.

2 | Pay attention to portion size

Healthy snacks can be an asset to your overall nutrition, but this doesn’t mean you can eat as much as you want. Portion size is important.

Diving into an entire bag of Beanitos Sea Salt Chips may boost your protein intake, but also increases your calorie and sodium intake. To avoid unwanted calories from snacks, it’s key that you pay attention to serving sizes.

It can be challenging to measure individual serving sizes correctly. It’s also more taxing for your willpower to stop eating when a full bag is present. Our “Goodbye Hunger” Bundle takes the guesswork out of snacking by providing pre-portioned, healthy snack options.

3 | Read nutrition labels

Along with portion size, it’s essential to read the nutrition label on snack foods. Just because a snack is low in calories or fat, doesn’t mean it’s good for you or that it will sustain your energy.

Many snacks advertised as “100 calorie packs” are full of sugar or sodium and have little to no nutritional value. These items may be pre-portioned, but they won’t fill you up. It won’t be long before you’re fighting the urge to grab another package.

Watch out for misleading facts that make a nutrition label confusing. Research shows that many people have a hard time reading nutrition labels correctly, which can lead to accidentally making poor choices.

4 | Take your Lovidia XR twice daily for hunger control

Lovidia XR stimulates taste sensors in your lower gut that trigger the release of GLP-1 and PYY, the hormones that control hunger and cravings. When you take Lovidia XR consistently, you lower your baseline hunger level so you naturally eat less.

Lovidia XR doesn’t contain any caffeine or stimulants so you get the benefits of hunger control without the unpleasant side effects. Your appetite is smaller, you feel full faster, and you take in fewer calories without the struggle of feeling hungry.

The best time to take Lovidia XR is at breakfast and lunch so you’re appetite is naturally reduced throughout the day. Similar to other healthy habits, consistency is key.

5 | Use Lovidia Bars as a Meal Replacement

Unlike the typical protein or meal replacement bar, Lovidia Bars are made with a specially-formulated blend of all-natural ingredients designed to reduce hunger levels and control cravings. Because of its potent hunger-control effect, this is an excellent choice as a meal replacement to accelerate weight loss.

Many bars on the market are so loaded with calories, sugar, and carbohydrates that you can barely finish one. This small, but mighty bar works with your body’s own hunger control process to help you feel satisfied with fewer calories.

6 | Be aware of your ACTUAL hunger level

We live in a time when food is easily accessible at all times. We no longer have to hunt or grow our own food, and we don’t have to plan ahead for seasons when food is less abundant.

While this obviously makes life a lot easier, the downside is that we often eat when we’re not actually hungry. You might feel like snacking because of stress, boredom, hormones, habits, or emotions.

Learning to recognize true hunger will help you avoid unnecessary calories that can lead to weight gain. Mindful snacking means that you’re eating because your body needs food, not because your emotions are luring you to the pantry.

When you feel like eating, ask yourself a few questions before immediately reaching for a snack. Instead of mindlessly obeying your cravings, listen to your body’s natural hunger cues.

  • Are you feeling stressed or anxious?
  • Do you want food simply because it’s available (for example, if someone left treats in the breakroom at work)?
  • Are you bored or lacking motivation?
  • Does a particular activity make you feel like you should be eating (for example, having a snack while watching tv)?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, try this easy trick to determine if you really need food. Set a timer for 20 minutes and find another activity. Chances are that when the timer goes off, you’ll no longer be focused on food. If you’re still feeling hungry, eat a small, healthy snack.


Mindless eating is bad habit and an easy way to add unwanted calories to your diet. Focus on the quality of the snacks you eat and the portion size to avoid unnecessary weight gain. Pay attention to your hunger level rather than responding to cravings alone.

Lovidia will help you establish a lower baseline hunger level and control your appetite so you can lose weight without the struggle.

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