The LOVIDIA Way Low-Carb Bundle

A great mix of low net-carb choices…high in fiber, protein and healthy fats

The curated bundle is designed to help you reduce your daily carbs. Of the 16 items in the bundle, 11 have 5 net-carbs or less per serving. Our pasta has 40% fewer calories and 40% fewer net-carbs than standard pasta.

The LOVIDIA Way Low-Carb Bundle is a great way to sample many of our healthy, low-carb selections.


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Calories per serving Net Carbs per serving High Fiber Healthy Fats High Protein
Nuts, Seeds & Trail Mix
Primavera_Walnut_Halves Primavera walnuts 285 3
Superseedz_Cinnamon_Sugar_Pumpkin_Seeds_5oz Superseedz pumpkin seeds – cinnamon & sugar 160 3
Superseedz-lightly-Salted-Pumpkin-Seeds-5oz Superseedz pumpkin seeds – sea salt 150 1
Nunes_Farm_Natural_Almonds Nunes Farms raw almonds 170 1
Sunbiotice_Cheesy_Probiotic_Almonds Sunbiotics cheesy, roasted probiotic almonds (Qty 2) 180 4
Grains & Legumes
sharp-cheddar Fiber Gourmet cheddar cheese crackers 70 7
FG-Penne-Light-Pasta Fiber Gourmet penne pasta 130 21
FG_Cinnamon_Crackers Fiber Gourmet cinnamon & sugar crackers 70 9
SkinnyPoP SkinnyPop popcorn 100 5
Sensible_Foods_Edamame Sensible Foods roasted edamame (Qty 2) 80 2
OatWell_Hearts OatWell crispy hearts (Qty 2) 104 10
Adapt_Double_Chocolate_Protein_Bar Adapt double chocolate protein bar 188 2
Adapt_Vanilla_Macadamia_Nut Adapt vanilla macadamia nut + seed bar 177 2

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