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“Lovidia is wonderful, it works great and the new bars are awesome. I’m signing up for my subscription!”

Marguerite L.

“The bars are great and really help curb your appetite, between the tablets and the bars; you’re covered!”

Terry W.

“Between the Lovidia tablets and app, this has helped me become more aware and conscious of my eating habits.  Think ahead and plan your meals accordingly, don’t be afraid to adjust your dosage time accordingly (usually 2-3 hours prior to a meal) or of the Eat-Less days. Looking forward to continued success and reaching my goal with Lovidia!”

Tina K.

“Lovidia has been a wonderful tool for me.

I take it after breakfast. In my high stress workplace I used food/snacks as a way to stay awake or keep focused in front of the computer. Ever since I started Lovidia my cravings have greatly reduced and I find myself drinking more water instead. Lovidia also decreases my appetite when I get caught in long meetings. I feel better at the end of my day. Thank you so much!”

Rebecca M.

“I have lost 15 pounds during this period and I don’t miss eating any of the junk food. I have been using a nutritional supplement called Lovidia for three and a half months and have had excellent results. It controls my appetite and especially my sweet tooth. I get full faster and no longer crave midnight snacks. I have lost 15 pounds during this period, and I don’t miss eating any of the junk food, such as chocolate, that I used to crave.*”

Silvia C.

“I have lost 12 lbs. since the beginning of the year by eating healthier, juicing, and with the help of Lovidia.”

Susan T.

Happy Customers & Success

  • Decrease hunger*
  • Diminish cravings*
  • Reduce snacking*
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Clinical Studies & Proven Results

  • Average weight loss of 4 lbs. after their first week and 9.4 lbs. after 5 weeks
  • 52 participants with results shown

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