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LOVIDIA Way 13-Week Study*

* Results very based on program adherence.

Lovidia gives you the edge you need to curb your hunger, eat less and lose weight.†

The LOVIDIA Way gives you the knowledge and tools you need to learn and adopt healthy nutritional and lifestyle habits. The LOVIDIA Way is a natural, personalized approach to long-term health. It’s as simple as one, two, three…


Take Lovidia to manage hunger
Natural blend of proprietary ingredients


Eat Less Days™
Reduce calories 2-3 days per week to lose weight


Move More!
Exercise guidance

The LOVIDIA Way is your path to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Below is a brief description of the major components of the LOVIDIA Way and how your path is personal, transformative and puts you in control.


An Eat-Less Day is a day when you eat about 1/3 of your typical daily caloric intake. Eat-Less Days accelerate your weight loss so the number of Eat-Less Days depends on how quickly you want to lose weight. There should always be at least one “normal eating” day between Eat-Less Days.


The Lovidia Way encourages increased physical activity as part of your path to a healthier you! These include exercise plans, instructional videos, and tips to help you exercise appropriately for your current fitness level.


Personal certified LOVIDIA Way Coaches are available to guide you on your path to a healthier you. Sign up today to receive support, encouragement, guidance, and answers to your questions.

the LOVIDIA Way App

The free App is a support tool to help you achieve and maintain a healthy body weight and healthy lifestyle, using your phone or tablet device. The App has a wide range of functions, and it is built for simplicity whether you use one function or many.

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