Weight Loss Supplements For Men: What Works Best (Science Based)

For many years, the weight loss industry geared almost all its products toward women. Men, it was believed, weren’t as concerned about weight loss, so you didn’t see many ads for weight loss supplements for men.

They had it all wrong. Men care just as much about their weight, sometimes they need help losing weight, and they want to know what weight loss supplements work best for men.

This post aims to clear up some of the misconceptions about weight loss supplements for men.

We will cover the benefits, effectiveness and potential health risks and safety concerns around weight loss supplements for men, including evidence from clinical trials.

Before we jump into a conversation about supplements, though, let’s begin with a discussion of some of the ways men are different than women when it comes to weight loss.

Do men really lose weight faster than women?

There’s a widely held belief that men have a physiological edge when it comes to weight loss.

The idea is that men’s bodies have a higher percentage of lean muscle tissue, and lean muscle burns fat, so men have an easier time losing weight thanks to a faster resting metabolism.

And it’s true … to an extent. The key to the accelerated rate of weight loss for men lies in hormones. Men have more testosterone and less estrogen, which makes their bodies leaner, with anywhere from 6 to 11 percent less body fat, on average.

The extra lean muscle tissue in men’s bodies does give them a weight loss advantage.

As WebMD notes, “… when men and women cut the same number of calories, men usually do lose more weight ― but it’s short-term.”

It’s important to mention that weight loss for men and women evens out at one point. A British Journal of Nutrition study showed that when men and women used commercial weight-loss programs such as Atkins, Slim-Fast and Weight Watchers, the men lost twice as much weight and three times as much body fat as the women in the first two months.

But weight loss for men ultimately levels off. By six months into the British study, for example, the total pounds lost for men and women evened out.

This is because as women lose weight, their bodies become leaner, allowing them to burn fat faster and “catch up” with men from a metabolic standpoint.

The takeaway: Men lose weight faster in the early stages of weight loss, which can provide a great psychological boost. But men’s weight loss eventually plateaus, so you have to prepare yourself mentally to push through once your momentum slows down.

One tool that may help men over the hump is weight loss supplements.

What are the benefits of weight loss supplements for men?

The primary benefit of weight loss supplements for men is that they can enhance your weight loss results, possibly helping you shed pounds faster.

For example, some weight loss supplements are designed to help control hunger and cravings, so it’s easier to make healthy food choices and take in fewer calories throughout the day.

Please bear in mind, however, that weight loss supplements are not intended to be a magic bullet. You can’t eat a poor diet and expect to lose weight simply because you’re taking a weight loss supplement.

Rather, weight loss supplements are just one aspect of weight loss, providing men with an added level of support for efforts that include good nutrition and healthy eating ― watching what you eat and how much you eat ― as well as regular exercise.

Is there any difference between weight loss supplements for men and those marketed to women?

Nope. As we’ve addressed in other posts, makers of weight loss supplements will sometimes place the same product in a different package with the words “for men” on the label.

But what’s on the front of the label isn’t nearly as important as what’s on the back: the ingredients.

All that really matters when choosing a weight loss supplement is the active ingredients. And there is currently no evidence from clinical trials on weight loss supplement ingredients to show that particular ingredients are more effective for men.

Rather, clinical trials so far have shown that the effectiveness, as well as the side effects and health risks and dangers, are the same for men and women.

For a detailed review of common weight loss supplement ingredients, check out our post, Understanding Weight Loss Supplements, Pills, Shakes & Vitamins.

So, what are the best weight loss supplements for men?

The best weight loss supplements for men are those that make it easier to stick with your weight loss plan for the long term ― specifically, a supplement that helps you overcome the obstacles that often cause men to give up before they reach their weight loss goals.

So, let’s look at the greatest challenge most men face when trying to lose weight naturally.

Losing weight requires men to create a calorie deficit. To lose weight, you have to take in fewer calories than you burn or use up during the day. Every time you burn or cut 3,600 calories from your diet, it results in a pound of weight loss.

The best way to understand this number is to break it up into a daily goal. For example, there are seven days in a week, so breaking 3,600 into seven equal parts comes out to just over 500 calories a day. If you can burn or cut a bit more than 500 calories a day from your diet, you will lose one pound of weight every week.

The problem most people ― men and women ― run into is that creating a calorie deficit also creates an energy deficit, and often a nutritional deficit.

When you eat less (cut calories), you may find yourself feeling tired, worn out and hungry. So, the best weight loss supplements for men are the ones that 1) give you energy and 2) control hunger.

Weight loss supplements for men that provide energy

When you want energy to power your weight loss, the best place to start is by boosting your protein intake. Protein supports muscle health and is essential for keeping your body strong when you are running on fewer calories.

In addition to eating healthy, natural sources of lean protein like chicken and fish, you can also consider protein supplements such as protein shakes, protein powders, protein drinks and protein bars.

Similarly, you’ll want to make sure your body is getting adequate vitamins and minerals. The best natural sources of vitamins and minerals are vegetables, especially green, leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and broccoli.

But let’s be honest ― we don’t always eat as many vegetables as we should, and that’s where a good multi-vitamin supplement comes in. Look for a vitamin supplement that has a 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance of B vitamins for energy metabolism, as well as calcium and vitamin D to support strong bones and muscles.

Weight loss supplements for men that control hunger

Any conversation about hunger control usually starts with a category of weight loss supplements known to suppress appetite. Men should be very careful before delving into these types of supplements as most over-the-counter hunger-control supplements rely on stimulants to artificially reduce hunger.

Stimulants, whether they be caffeine or “natural” herbs and herbal extracts such as yohimbe root, ephedra and hoodia, act on the central nervous system. Yes, they reduce hunger, but they also bring a long list of side effects, health risks and dangers for men, from jitters to high blood pressure and even heart attack.

At Ambra Bio, we believe we’ve found a better way to control hunger. It’s called Gut Sensory Modulation (GSM).

GSM is the mode of action at the heart of our weight loss supplement, Lovidia, and it’s been shown in clinical trials to reduce hunger and aid weight loss without stimulants or side effects.

That’s because GSM uses only FDA-GRAS (generally recognized as safe) food-grade ingredients to activate your body’s natural hunger-control mechanism.

You can learn more about Lovidia here. Then, ask your doctor whether he or she thinks Lovidia is the right weight loss supplement for you.

We hope you found this post on weight loss supplements for men helpful. Good luck reaching your weight loss goals!

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